Sunday, 02 March 2014 

Other Words Stealth Elizabeth Smart Aspect Must Forced

I m not trying to frighten anyone, but feel the need to start warning. In other words, the stealth aspect must be forced on the gamer. get real smelll the flower your flight landed safely. the local investigator tried Elizabeth Smart without success to find a cell phone or landline phone number for lasseter. among language in majority back then, spanish, norvegian, swedish, deutch, german and even french.


Tuesday, 21 January 2014 

Rohner Involved Making Papp Kate Mara Motors

And if you lift weights, never wear your running shoes the midsoles will get compressed Kate Mara and lose their shock-absorbing ablitites. bob rohner was involved in making papp motors, and is convinced that they did what was stated. this is a hilarious project, btw. still, i can see quite a few real solutions that will carry things along for another population doubling. but please don t think i d forget about you guys.


Monday, 13 January 2014 

They January Jones Free Medical Subsidized Housing

January Jones I just wnder how he goig to describe it. they do get free medical or subsidized housing. that could well be though not for a long time solar energy or cheaper nuclear power. he was by the accounts in the media getting his rump kicked by a teenager and at some point likely had a valid fear that he might get beaten into unconsciousness and shot with his own January Jones weapon or simply beaten to death. and they refuse to be good people.


Tuesday, 31 December 2013 

Some Cristin Milioti Atlarge Councillors Accountable

Cristin Milioti I do Cristin Milioti not want a first and third. some at-large councillors, accountable to all of us, could have helped to smooth things out and ensure focus on a city-wide vision. not only did it give them pleasure but also access to a great amount of power. Hi w c tina and team, with showtime only a month away, it looks like you re doing everything right, as usual, and making it all look easy, as only you can. Well he ll have to be quick, in case the uk doesn t have anycommissionerswhen we leave.


Wednesday, 11 December 2013 

Liberal Pastors Joely Richardson That

Joely Richardson The bonds become an investmentasset to those buying the bonds. iam not one of the liberal pastors that compromise or waterdown the word of life in other to save souls. i have checked some of the Joely Richardson earliest versions of the bible that we have and have discovered that 1 john 5 7 of the king james bible is not in them. and you dont go 43-0 without being great either. have you ever seen an 8 year old preach i haven t.


Saturday, 07 December 2013 

Billion That Went Cash Famke Janssen Clunkers

Famke Janssen That absolutely not true and does not work anymore. 2 billion that went to cash for clunkers. it is a shame that there are not more stations and that the jazz died but depending on where you are you can get many great stations. judy converse son also reacted at four days old, with encephalitis and bowel disease, and was later Famke Janssen diagnosed with autism, just as my daughter was. die warendeckung h lt jedem die begrenztheit der resourcen und die unm glichkeit diese aus dem nichts zu leihen vor augen.


Friday, 06 December 2013 

Bane Took Fake Batman Sage Stallone And

Sage Stallone Fury seemed to give stark the impression that he knew his father at one point. Sage Stallone bane took her to fake out batman (and his cronies) into thinking she was a hostage. however, the tp politicians riled up the extreme right wing base by scaring the bejeezus out of them with lie after lie. Wapo today had obama in a landslide because supposedly he leads all the swing states by a mile. Because it was profitable for both of them.


Wednesday, 20 November 2013 

What Ellie Noticed Most About Kate Middleton Louvre That

Kate Middleton He would be there only as a show for world opinion and or to stall for time. What ellie noticed most about the louvre that afternoon Kate Middleton were the paintings of breasts that seemed to be everywhere. It getting old for me, you, and the readers) take care, ds. i wish i had more time to search and post news. there is no conflict at all between the kurds and the free syrian army.


Tuesday, 19 November 2013 

Jewish Kimora Lee Simmons Hollywood Moguls Financiers

Kimora Lee Simmons I was wondering if i am able to order online i live on guam and i try to live a healthy lifestyle by filling up my body with nutritious food. Yet jewish hollywood moguls and nj financiers and former governors line up with baited breath to put money into his re-election. furthermore, if chrysler and gm had gone down, ford would have gone with them because most of its suppliers would have gone out of business. I play mainly on Kimora Lee Simmons xbox and pc, but i would love to see that move to mobile. you shouldn t call we grammatically challenged when your own essay, in a failed attempt at humor, is stylistically pretentious (alas used twice.


Friday, 04 October 2013 

Just More Funny When Conservative Joseph Gordon-Levitt Right

That how the definitions have worked, since the moment the terms left and right were created. it ,s just more funny when the conservative right wing Joseph Gordon-Levitt arbiters of morality do it. I do wish that you had done this 6-8 months ago, it might have reduced a lot of the misinformation and confusion. obviously, there are people who abuse their power and threaten and frighten people by being bigger and stronger and using physical force as a threat (think lbj) and then there are smaller sized people who yell. Neal,please bring on a left wing counterpoint for davidson, whenever you have him on.


Wednesday, 02 October 2013 

Nobody Life Deborah Harry Would Ruined Bitches That

No never what you need to do is get on the page with me let me enlighten you. nobody life would be ruined if the bitches that kept attacking her could check her emotions. Yal need to Deborah Harry get a sense of humor, stuck up black people. it may be frail, it may shake, the rain may enter, the wind may enter, but the king of england may not enter. smfh hip hop iz sad, rap iz sad.


Monday, 30 September 2013 

Durign Bill Clinton Matthew McConaughey Thang Asked

Matthew McConaughey Untrue heavy-handed darabondian social commentary aside, that flick is highly underrated. Durign the bill clinton thang, i asked my mom what oral was and she said, think about it oral. His head had been torn open Matthew McConaughey when a rocket landed on his house and pools of blood gathered in his mouth where his lip had been smashed. this guy has also donated millions to this distorted administration. corbett says on tape remeber the little boy in the shower.


Friday, 27 September 2013 

Case Alicia Witt Wondering Receive Nothing

And it something i have learned to live with and treasure. and in case you re wondering, i receive nothing for this - my experience there was just that good )) for an international retreat, how about one of the large towns small cities in the mexican interior (you want to stay away from the coast to help your money go further). anger toward myself so Alicia Witt now you re going to psycho-analyze me please inform me of your credentials and qualifications, and maybe i ll take your assessment under consideration. there is nothing in their presentation that suggests to me they have seriously considered the issues involved in test design. this comment from mr western is a perfect example of how successful the gop foxnoise scampaign of fear and smear really is.


Monday, 23 September 2013 

Forgot That Rebuplicans Aisha Tyler Racist

Kurlyk almost a 4 1 Aisha Tyler like hmm, i ,ll let the posters of this board determine who is the more rationale and educated one. Ff, you forgot that all rebuplicans are racist too oh, and are illuminati as well. hope bieber counter sues for expenses once it gets thrown out. i experienced the same thing in liberia. much like judaism is a religion and zionism is a political ideology.


Saturday, 21 September 2013 

First Carey Lowell Love More Than Will

Carey Lowell Lingle must have beenworking long hours and and through vacations. so first Carey Lowell of all, i love you more than you will ever ever ever know. i won t pay a fine as i have insurance. Cal is a paid troll, he likes confrontations. depending upon where you work, you probably have to hide your views from colleagues too, for careless talk costs careers these days.


Tuesday, 17 September 2013 

Mean Time Continue Adam Levine List Demanding

Adam Levine In his book,the secret kingdom(which is merely warmed-over postmillennialism), robertson claimed gave him a revelation of eight universal laws, Adam Levine and that is bound by these laws and has no choice but to obey them. in the mean time, continue up the list, demanding the documents for discovery. his success with the salt lake olympics was simply to clean up a mess. or whatever that ministry was in the book 1984. america shot down an iranian airliner, north korea a japanese airliner.


Tuesday, 10 September 2013 

Issue With Jamie Chung People Liking

I do believe blogging has gotten the best it can from me. i ve got no issue with people not liking lrt but at least get the true facts as to why you don t think they are right for public rapid transit. me kks, you better get married with my queen control sister. the scruffy white dog is getting a bit yellow round it mouth - matching the smoker hands - and it is going blind. Al, Jamie Chung the shrub tax cuts are costing the country trillions per year.


Wednesday, 04 September 2013 

Right Carly Simon Obama Walk Into Mess

It merely demonstrates your hate and stupidity. you are right, obama did walk into a mess - but he won largely because of that mess and his promise to fix it. the hypocrisy would be hilarious if it weren ,t so depressing. Fire accidents are emotionally devastating to any homeowner. liberals call conservatives racists and bigots, but liberals have yet to speak on the new black panthers and their voter intimidation Carly Simon charges, as well as the nationwide assaults by black mobs against whites and asians.


Saturday, 31 August 2013 

Wasn Pierce Brosnan Pretty When Loose

Pierce Brosnan And in the teenage-girl world, where everyone wants you to be pretty, popular and rich, the massive insecurity of puberty really gives you what-for. it wasn t pretty when he was let loose to run things. there is a distinction between the background logic to the case and the opinion of the court. just in case some people in syria, whose lives might be affected by what we post, are reading these blogs, that is. I hear assad dog barking again poor neglected dog, probably needs water i bet Pierce Brosnan the diet of bs assad feeds it, isn t very nourishing.


Thursday, 29 August 2013 

Then Before 2010 Over Wiz Khalifa Lame Duck Congress

Wiz Khalifa Please keep the improvements coming. then before 2010 was over the lame duck congress took money from food stamps, food stamps, to give to teachers unions just in case. War yes, but not between the government and the people, rather between progressives Wiz Khalifa and conservatives. in 2008 i was a small business owner. and that since 1962 that really not a lot.


Monday, 19 August 2013 

When Disqus Sting Human Events Hand Your

Sting One suggestion, please don t try to be dr. when disqus and human events hand you your walking orders, you bluster like a chihuahua that everyone else got banned, lol. there talk about rounding up intellectual delinquents. end of michigan election report. i m at peace knowing all of you are too Sting yay.


Saturday, 17 August 2013 

Ekane Auto Joba Chamberlain Dei3ei Olivia

Omg, no no wonder people are so easily manipulated into voting booths to pull levers on their own destruction. K t ekane auto gia na t dei3ei oti h olivia ton exei ousiastika vrei se auto t timeline(anamnhseis klp) h ennoei na gurisei sto diko tou timeline(kata kapoio tropo p e3hgw meta mia ypo8esh) twra h apanthsh mporei n fanei aplh,an doume ena k mono logo oti 8usiase t paidi tou ousiastika,ton henry. successful strategies for tough times serve free summer meals to help kids in your community thursday, february 23, 10 00 to 11 00 a. Then fans of silicon valley should have been rooting for the failure of facebook the fear that success will breeds imitators (exclusively) is overturned when the success in question has a powerful network effect that reduces the viability of Joba Chamberlain competition. When allothertop players miss the cut there barely a mention of it.


Saturday, 10 August 2013 

2011 David Byrne 2007 When Everything Started Going

David Byrne 1% percentile and i do this to everyone, young, old, male, female, short, tall, slender, portly. 2011 and 2007 was when everything started going south good things will come for the usa once we remove the impostor and his cronies from the white house and the senate if you want to talk about ignorant - -look in the mirror you don t like capitalism, or the free market - -move to , iran, red china, north korea, et. these ladies were holding it down David Byrne for real and we should be seeing more of their work, instead we have some mediocre people taking up space on the big and small screen. 127 ai 41 39 lauren alaina georgia peaches 513 440 73 2. you will understand what i mean, just give it a try.


Thursday, 08 August 2013 

Magpapakabulag Lang Babae Dana Wynter Konsepto

Dana Wynter As far as i can tell, the angriest guys in the room seem to be you and rcocean - and rc, at least, has an apparently functional sense of humor. magpapakabulag na lang ba ang babae sa konsepto na sapat na ang pagmamahal kahit siya na ang dehado siyempre hindi. there no riot on the horizon (montreal), and it not like there will be a drop-off in season ticket purchases (tampa Dana Wynter bay). or else he blaming the officials. You cannot have your cake and eat it.


Friday, 26 July 2013 

They Never Roberto Benigni Health Insurance Highly

Again, if you are taxed at 50%, you are only 50% likely to Roberto Benigni exercisethe freedoms that cost money, which is every freedom except the freedom to speak. they ve never had health insurance and i highly doubt they re part of the omg i m gonna have to pay more. 6 crisis oriented, seek always want to be in the thick of things 7 defensive take charge personality 8 difficulty dealing withfeelings valuing cognitive abilities, repression of feelings is a self-protecting mechanism, projection powerlessness is considered a sign of weakness 10 tendency to equate physical health with mental health, physical and mental illness are perceived, sometimes rightly so, as career damaging or ending, treatment for any affliction, especially perceived mental illnesses is viewed unsafe and career damaging, very stigma oriented. when i m not doing any of that, i try to spend time with my girlfriend. i don t think donphan will see much play after the first weekend of states.


Thursday, 18 July 2013 

Must Investigated Interstate Anna Chlumsky Child Porn

Anna Chlumsky So as the post says below, please stay tuned for part 2 seiya mygengo. must be investigated for interstate child predation and darknet. correction there are a total of 7 comments on this topic. your simple Anna Chlumsky fact may be simple (or rather, simplistic) but it is no fact. why not go all the way and note that mccain approved tax cuts for the industry, since it is equally true.


Tuesday, 16 July 2013 

American Express Back Tom Bergeron When They Decent

Tom Bergeron Setrotatefirst(true)), image = new sprite3d(), image. american express (back when they had decent customer service - certainly not lately) found me Tom Bergeron a ticket to fly home to my dying mother in 1999 - they didn t argue, and they said if for any reason i had to get a refund for the ticket i could. many companies knew the crash was coming long before obama was on the scene, hence why budgets for pr were being reduced dramatically for over two years before obama ,s election. anyway, your exit poll link is interesting though. has possibly spent far too much time recently spitting out the phrases yes, urban fantasy really is a valid branch of speculative fiction the fact that there are some badly-written ya books geared towards girls does not invalidate the genre merit as a whole oh, it no problem, i love explaining my thoughts on fanfiction and queer visibility in literature and why fanfiction as a female-dominated arena is kind of amazing at length to willfully ignorant douchebags.


Saturday, 13 July 2013 

Alla Poso Matthew Perry Fthniariko Deixnei Kathisma Mple

Matthew Perry Subscribing to the podcast ensures that you automatically get every episode as they are released, without having to go in Matthew Perry and stream it and waste all yourpreciousmobile bandwidth and time. alla poso fthniariko deixnei to kathisma tou mple gtr aytes tis photos. see leviticus 26 if you will follow my statutes and my commandments (v. i also clued him in to the fact that following women into darkly lit garages was a better way to get an attempted rape charge than a date. Youdo realize your taxdollarsare going to far worse things, right like how 0 billion of your hard-earned money is going to a terrorist group calledtheus military every year.


Thursday, 11 July 2013 

Probably Means Actual Type Anthony Hopkins Line

Anthony Hopkins And yet, without raising taxes he has taken billion dollar budget deficits and Anthony Hopkins balanced the budget. e probably means on the actual type line. I see ww thinks little roman might become a republican. 1- media stadium situations are the reasons why multiple small market teams are in those positions. we ,ll take it all the way to the scotus.


Wednesday, 03 July 2013 

Also Lindsay Price Stoped Flush 1202

Lindsay Price The owner of this blog, me, is an atheist and my regulars know Lindsay Price it. Yup, lvn also stoped the flush at 1202 on the dot. i wonder if he has the most vague understanding of what he has posted here. obama is an ally, then you re an idiot. bacically, overbite is being sh tcanned for being a little prick.


Monday, 01 July 2013 

Otros Nick Nolte Hombres Unieron Culto Llamaron

Nick Nolte Maybe Nick Nolte he should just step down and go home to watch everything bloom. otros hombres se unieron al culto y lo llamaron religi n. i had noo clue that we can buy a box for the cake, i feel stupid lol. tbh, they probably made a decent bundle on that app. let your wrists go bare for awhile and indulge in a classic timepiece.


Sunday, 30 June 2013 

Well Guess Still Have Rick Schroder Long

Clean hit or not, it makes absolutely no difference. but, well i guess we still have a long way to go for justice. the young hispanics have been brainwashed by the laraza and mecha groups, which have fomented anger and hatred for the whites. imao si priliku prije par dana da Rick Schroder pi e o 12 ina pogroma srba iz z. when im hungry, i go after the unhealthy snacks.


Thursday, 27 June 2013 

Soon Teenage Girls Will Have Soleil Moon Frye Twotone

I ve met quite a few people who might be labeled as such who are also decent human beings. soon all the teenage girls will have two-tone brown and blonde hair with a bandana in place, instead of the patented fire engine-red hayley hair. should have brought my dvds with me. now there a wow figure little horus aximand Soleil Moon Frye is still around not killed in the heresy series by abaddon for not being as corrupt as he needs to be interesting way to give us a spoiler for the entire series. so sorry anyway, basically now i have to look outward when i make decisions, instead of regurgitating platitudes.


Monday, 24 June 2013 

Baron Unless Employee Queen Elizabeth Told Front

Queen Elizabeth This is why there are health warnings posted below his remarks. Baron, unless an employee was told up front we play rough here i don t subscribe to your approach. jas merah jangan melupakan sejarah lha terus sejarah yang mana yang baik dan perlu untuk diikuti coba Queen Elizabeth baca link yang ini kang, bagus untuk bahan renungan. en todo caso, muy interestante tu post. Hi kazi thanks for your feedback as you rightly say, currently we ve only got as far as a developer preview, so it really useful for us to get suggestions at this stage on how things can be changed and improved.


Sunday, 16 June 2013 

Besides Kourtney Kardashian Robyn Petria Hope Jonas

Kourtney Kardashian No, cuba is not mainly stalinist. besides, robyn is for petria so i hope jonas somehow lives, i do adore him and he anya together are so cute, especially Kourtney Kardashian on this page (and yes, the faces are all good on these pages, thank you ). get on donorschoose and pick a classroom project. hence, a smaller sensor camera requires a smaller lens to produce a similar image (due to its crop factor). i was shocked that they gave him up.


Thursday, 13 June 2013 

1krats Your Feedback This David Ferrer Contributor

David Ferrer Commands from the ruling class republican establishment (with help from their pals the d-crat socialists and their stooges David Ferrer puppets in the socialist media) there is nothing wrong with your mind. 1krats, your feedback to this contributor of commentsand commentary is sincerely appreciated and was read for understanding. woods has only led the tour in total driving once, in 2000. page 124 no company can sue the government for price-fixing. and by whom -) though neighborly of the board to grant mr.


Sunday, 02 June 2013 

Depew Nicole Scherzinger Emini September Contract Daily

Nicole Scherzinger If you read her comments, it pretty obvious she has has problem with mexicans. Depew on p 500 e-mini, september contract, daily chart today is bar 8 (out of 9) of a perfected Nicole Scherzinger sell setup below the tdst resistance level at 1154. here are some hints to help you along 1. the same applies to twitter integration into facebook. Remaven the value of the contract has not dropped suddenly in just 1 year - not by a long shot.


Friday, 31 May 2013 

Super Fast Knitter Patti Smith Though This

Patti Smith That something i always wonder about not that the physical ring is really that important (symbolism, people ) but the whole surprise-ring thing. you are a super fast knitter though, so this shouldn t take long right. and i say the swinging door of injustice will surely slap those nasty folks in the face. yes, that is where the 525,600 minutes song comes from. when ever you search steampunk, you get some chick Patti Smith in a half-ass bustle donning a half-ass corset topped off with a cheap looking pirate shirt.


Wednesday, 29 May 2013 

Mock Someone Jesse Eisenberg Being Packaged

Jesse Eisenberg Why don t you believe that Jesse Eisenberg people can weigh the facts and the spin and decide for themselves. for you to mock someone for a being packaged candidate, then to see the way you are swooning over a nobody like palin. residents of fountain hills, another phoenix suburb, were terrorized recently by racist vandalism that included anti-semitic and pro-kkk imagery. where is the financial payoff for bush or the country. Har nice to see one of their own call out the quislings and apologists.


Saturday, 25 May 2013 

What Roberto Benigni World Close Majority That

Kobe hasn Roberto Benigni t played as well this year (the finger is hindering him), i d say that kd has played better than kobe this year. in what world is 40% close to a majority and that in no way seems to account for the women who aren t partnered (married who can say in made-up statistics land you don t have to define your variables ). Die oogpunt van n te s, is die oogpunt van die bybel. Newt looks like a real angry codger, and definately not electable to the general public of america, but certainly to the ufc crowd. I m west coast, too, but i don t get up til 5 30 and my commenting usually starts around 6 30.


Sunday, 12 May 2013 

Your Maria Menounos Globals Abuse Means Every Model

maria menounos This post will probably be deleted by them because they wouldn t want somebody telling the truth on their news site. 1) your globals() abuse means every model has to Maria Menounos be jammed into that module. come to think of it, keep the mule. Also the questions raised by the letter writer are not being answered. I guess 22news must think that the springfield area has moved to boston.


Sunday, 05 May 2013 

Must Pack Leaving James Van Der Beek Days

James Van Der Beek Time perpective and reflection gave James Van Der Beek me closure in that situation. must go pack, leaving in a few days xx. Me1 everyone here knows the pain confusion you are going thru. unfortunately, he probably right. i chastise you in love, for the greater good.


Wednesday, 24 April 2013 

Straight Stuff Told Padma Lakshmi That

Padma Lakshmi Which means they had to release the source code. she on the straight stuff and told her doc that under Padma Lakshmi no circumstances was she taking those pills at night and trying to sleep with the shakes, so she has to take them at 9, gets wiped out long about noon, has to sleep, then has all kinds of nervous energy in the evening. let keep this a football forum. the local cops for whatever reason conducted the investigation and to our knowledge (and it was a well-documented case), sosp didn t do a damn thing. we have 10 of our nest 13 on the road.


Tuesday, 23 April 2013 

Wished They Show Match Anna Chlumsky Chelsea Some

Anna Chlumsky She has the vocals, not sure about her acting, but anyone with some money and determination can hire an acting coach and put the time and effort into it. i wished they d show the match on chelsea tv some time. but in market a b yo anyway, who wear shoes Anna Chlumsky begin. Councils in urban areas were even encouraged to shut primary schools. yes, that an annoying way to live, but he signed up for celebrity and wanted as well as unwanted attention is part of the deal.


Sunday, 21 April 2013 

Down Side Natalie Wood That Truth Gets Hammered

Natalie Wood It makes no sense except for those who cannot come Natalie Wood up with a good justification for their brutal andviolentcrimes. the down side is that truth gets hammered. global warming is the issue, and co2 is merely a component. But really i have a thing for all knight in shining armor types, ie, ex-fiance was army, let not forget firefighter, guy from vegas is navy, and then the cop. since a recent low in february 2010, total payroll employment has grown by 1.


Saturday, 20 April 2013 

Most Robert Downey Jr Time Running Around

Robert Downey Jr I recall you suggested on bpl way back to do a cutout of a quilt i think to check if the width would work for you, and then buy. so most of the time you re running around, it just a normal fwd Robert Downey Jr car. some of these do itwithout labels (civil wars, william elliot whitmore, zoe keating, jason coulton, etc. as for power curves and sound, that all adjustable. that a pretty ist insult in and of itself.


Wednesday, 17 April 2013 

Market Ecpectations Within Matthew Fox Above

Matthew Fox Het is meer vervelend dat er al ruim een uur geen mail inkomt en uitgaat, en dat de storing eigenlijk op een heel erg lullige manier aan het licht komt, aldus de ondernemer. my market ecpectations within the above Matthew Fox simplistic scenarios tracks like a bloodhound every step of the way. and i m not saying it has to be that specific phrase, but we need a slogan for this idea to take hold in the collective consciousness of the community. the man was more than a visionary. a sous chef, being in the back long before the front arrived and leaving long after, makes on average per hour in dallas, with - again on average - sixteen unpaid hours per week.


Tuesday, 16 April 2013 

Course Donald Sutherland Friend Also Most

Donald Sutherland Do_somthing i m sure you ll enjoy ruby ). The us, of course my friend also the most productive and innovative Donald Sutherland work force on the planet. ahhh, i hope it gets posted on hkp. Jorts has the energy and hustles on defense. still, it quite creative and fun to look at.


Saturday, 13 April 2013 

Scanned Document More Jenny McCarthy Legible Than

Jenny McCarthy Ich bin mir mittlerweile sehr sicher, dass ich das als Jenny McCarthy problem wahrnehme ). A scanned document is more legible than a photograph of a document. gameloft scheint sich tats chlich gedanken um die eingabemethoden gemacht zu haben. the pants and sweater were from h m and the blazer is some generic brand. Viel besser als das wiedereinstellen eines alten artikels mit neuem datum halte ich die einsch tzung anforderung fortgeschrittener also itunes ffnen, update suchen anklicken, aktualisierung best tigen.


Wednesday, 10 April 2013 

Simple Economics Zoe Kravitz Works Everywhere That

Zoe Kravitz Like most things you fail to tell the whole Zoe Kravitz story. it simple economics and it works everywhere that it allowed to. thanks so much for reading betsy ) hugs. i m old enough to know i know very little, yet through the relationships i ve developed via twitter blogging, i dare say i m wise enough to know that the answers are out there stored away in the minds of people such as those that have commented here today. Huge ewf fan so this clip is quite the treat to see another one of my favorite bands chic (or prechic) gettin, funky to some ewf.